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Arctic Fox Lunch Bags – Stylish, Spacious, and Sturdy!

Carrying lunch to school or office is definitely going to become a raging trend, thanks to stylish Arctic Fox lunch bags. At Arctic Fox, we focus on bringing together the best of style and function to offer bags that not just look stunning, but also offer ample storage and function. Our selection of lunch bags online is the latest addition to our splendid bag collection.

Intelligent Design
We put in a lot of thought before we came up with the designs for these accessorize bags. Our designers came up with a list of possible difficulties that daily commuters face while carrying lunch with them. Based on our list of difficulties, we came up with design solutions that help rectify the problem. One of the most common problems while carrying lunch is spills. Even if you have the best lunch boxes, there are chances of spills. That’s why we have intelligently designed our lunch bags with compartments. You can keep the lunch box in a horizontal position inside the compartment.

High-quality Crafting
Arctic Fox lunch bags are made from premium quality water-repellent fabrics that can hold up to regular wear and tear. We understand that you are going to be using the bag every day, carting it up and down. The straps need to be secure to hold the weight of the food in the bag. Also, the seams need to be stitched tight to ensure that the bag withstands rugged use.

Perfect for school or office
Forget those boring old lunch bags! Check out our selection of lunch bags online to find bags in interesting designs, styles and colours. Arctic Fox lunch bags have an understated chic elegance, making them the perfect accessories for school or corporate office.

Variety of Designs
From plain to patterned, we have lunch bags in a large variety of designs and styles. You can choose one of our stylish accessorize bags based on your personal taste and preference. Some of our popular lunch bags are Arctic Fox Mini Trape Red Dahilia Accessories, Arctic Fox Mini Trape Grisaille Accessories and Arctic Fox Mini Trape Dirrectorie Blue Accessories.

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A Short Guide to Finding the Best Duffel Bags Online

Exploring men’s duffel bags online? Are you stumped by the numerous choices of bags in different hues and shades, shapes and sizes? When there are so many options to choose from, it can be very difficult to zero down on one particular bag that you would like to buy. Here’s a short guide that will elaborate on the various points that you need to consider while purchasing duffel bags.

Before you start browsing for men’s duffel bags online, first you need to be sure of the purpose for which you are purchasing the bag. Are you looking to buy a bag for weekend trips or longer trips? If you are looking for bags to carry to your gym or sports class, then you should choose bags accordingly.

The capacity of the bag again depends on the reason for which you are buying the bag. When you’re browsing online for bags, you will notice that the bag capacity is given in cubic inches or litres. The amount will give you an idea of the size of the bag when it is fully packed. If you are planning to fly, then choose the capacity and size depending on whether you want to check in the bag or carry it with you.

Most duffel bags will have a large compartment, which makes the primary storage area and smaller zippered or buckled pockets for other items. If you like to sort and pack all your items, go for duffel bags with multiple compartments. Some bags may also have hidden compartments, which come useful to keep cards, documents or other items safe.

Duffel bags are available in a variety of materials such as polyester, nylon, leather, and canvas. If you are looking for a duffel bag for a formal trip, go for leather bags. For casual trips, polyester, nylon or canvas bags will be fine. Check if the material is waterproof if you are picking a bag for a camping trip.

Roll-on or Carry type
Duffel bags with wheels are convenient for use and are less strain on your shoulders. However, if you don’t mind carrying the bag, go for a bag with shoulder strap or hand strap.

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Backpacks for Men from Arctic Fox – A Class Apart

Backpacks have become the norm and there are hundreds of styles and designs available in the market. These bags are not just functional, allowing you to carry your everyday essentials, but also look uber stylish. When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for daily use or for travel, wouldn’t you want to buy backpacks online that are a class apart, both in style and function?

Artic Fox backpacks for menare designed keeping in mind the style and function needs of the current generation. Our bags are innovative and are sure to become conversation starters no matter where you go. Want to know more about our special bags?

Colour Changing Backpacks
Colour changing? Yes, we give you bags that are simply out of the world in terms of innovative style. When you start to work or college in the morning, your backpack is in one colour. After some time, the colour changes. This is because we have designed the bag using a special heat-sensing fabric that changes colour on change in temperature.

Built-in mobile charging port
We have provided a separate compartment with built-in mobile charging port. So, forgot to charge your mobile phone? Keep the power bank in the compartment and connect your phone. Charge your mobile phone on the go!

Anti-Theft Backpacks
Do your bags keep your things safe? Ours does! The large monospace compartment and smart organiser lets you check all your things in a glance.

Litter Pouch
We are serious about Swachh Bharath! We have a separate litter pouch where you can stuff all those chocolate wrappers, covers and other stuff till you trash them.

Water protection
Our backpacks for men are made of water repellent fabric that protects all your things from water. Most of our backpacks also come with a drawstring rain cover bag that offers added protection to your electronics and other items in the bag, in case you are caught in a rain.

If you are looking to buy backpacks online, we suggest you explore our range of backpacks. From colour-changing backpacks to anti-theft bags, you will find an interesting selection of bags on our website. Start browsing now!

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How to choose the perfect school bags for your kids?

Though it’s tempting to buy school bags online that are on sale or feature your kids’ favourite cartoon characters yet you must keep some practical considerations in mind while shopping for these essential back-to-school gears.

Trendy and cute kids’ school bags are great, but they should be practical as well. Here’s what to consider while buying school bags online:

  • Know the needs of your kids: Take a closer look at their entire school supply list. Do they need to carry a lot of books and notebooks with them? Will they be using any tablet or other gadget? Answers for such questions can affect both the size as well as type of the bag they actually require.
  • Comfort is the basis: Do they have some special medical needs, like back problems or shoulder aches? Take them into consideration. The school bags shouldn’t cause them more trouble. They should have adjustable buckles, broad padded straps and the centre of the bag must be at the level of the waist.
  • Sufficient capacity: The kids’ school bags have to hold a lot of extra things along with books and notebooks which may include a phone, a tab, a small cosmetic bag, additional projects, water bottle, lunch box, extra clothes or shoes to change during special sports sessions. Before buying the school bag, you should first decide what actually goes inside them. Then you will know the exact backpack size or type you actually need to choose.
  • Properly organized: Pockets and zipper compartments are always a great idea. They enable the kids to stay organized, especially if they are available in various sizes. The kids can hold their personal and valuable things in the hidden compartments. Separate areas for food and water bottle might be helpful since you don’t want them to spill liquids and have the food crumbs everywhere, do you?
  • Durability: Durability of the school bag is one of the crucial factors while making your purchase. Reputable brands are always a good choice and they’ll stay with you for many years. Some companies may even provide replacement warranties for their school bags.

By keeping all these tips in mind, you will certainly choose the best school bags for your kids which will not only be smart and comfortable but last for many years.

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Buy the best gym bags that work as hard as you do

If you work out at a gym, play your favourite sport or you have a New Year’s resolution to start doing all these things, then buying best gym bags onlinewill be a good idea. Gone are the days of exercising in sweaty t-shirt and ripped-up sweats. Now, people take the workout outfits as seriously as they take their fitness—and this certainly includes the bag they carry.

You can buy special gym bags online which have been engineered with various innovative features and water-resistant materials to help you keep all your gear safe as well as dry in all conditions. While choosing the right gym bag as per your requirement, there are a few factors you should not overlook which are listed as below:

Size: Gym bags for men come in a wide range of sizes, from light weight backpack to an oversized duffel. Your gym bag should be according to your routine which can carry all your essentials without any unnecessary bulk.

Compartments: Multiple compartments are a must. There should be separate areas for wet and dry clothes, toiletries, shoes, phone, car keys, tablet, etc.

Fabric: The fabric of the gym bags for men must be breathable and sweat wicking which won’t trap odours when you stash your sweaty clothes in it.

Design: You can add a little attitude in to your gym workout by choosing an eye catching bag design with bright exterior colour.

Easy to carry: Getting to the gym from your office or home and all places in between can be a hassle. So, choose an easy to carry gym bag that does not make you uncomfortable. If you are always on the go then a hands-free backpack will be a great option. Small details like padded straps will also make a big difference.

Buying gym bag online deserves as much careful consideration as choosing a quality leather purse. Not only does the gym bags you buy have to match your personal style, but they should also be able to carry all your essentials that you may require before, during or after your workout.
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Messenger Bags: Functional and Stylish

Steeped in history and full of functionality, messenger bags for men have come a long way to become the fashion staple that they are today. They have been handed down to us by the fleet of Pony Express riders and WWII servicemen, medics and dispatch riders and used even today by scores of postmen and couriers.

Messenger bags for men are nothing but a bag with a single shoulder strap that can be worn as a cross-body for equal weight distribution with the bag hanging either at the front or the back.
Usually with a rectangle shape and ample space for your stuff such as laptop, iPad, documents, files, books and more, they are the ideal way to lug around your essentials without losing out
on the style factor. Check out the collection of Arctic Fox bags to find a messenger bag that suits your need and looks chic as well. Keep in mind a few pointers such as those given below to make the right choice:

  • Choose from traditional messenger bags, messenger laptop bags and tote messenger bags that are the three dominant styles in the messenger bags for men category.
  • Be clear of your need and purpose before you decide on the bag, so that you can choose the size, design, colour and print accordingly.
  • Cotton canvas, nylon, leather and even silk happen to be some of the materials out of which messenger bags for men are made of. Choose the material as per the look you prefer and your budget.
  • Weather and water resistance are two important features you must pay attention to.
  • A pocket on the front with an oversized closure secured with Velcro or a clasp allows for a quick access to essentials or putting away something safely.
  • Look for cell phone and key holders, a laptop compartment and other features and accessories to suit your lifestyle.

Arctic Fox bags include a versatile range of messenger bags for men in colours and designs to complement your style.

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Backpacks For Every Season and Reason!

From normal backpacks for adults and mini school backpacks for little people to laptop backpacks for the gadget freak, we have them in cool colours and funky prints for attention or solid and sombre looks for the serious look. Backpacks leave your hands free to do what you desire. Since the weight gets distributed over the shoulders, a backpack is a safe and easy way to lug your stuff around. From a student to a biker, runner, hiker and traveller, everyone can benefit from getting themselves a backpack. A backpack is nothing but a cloth canvas or nylon bag that also goes by the names sack pack and knapsack. If you plan to buy backpacks online, there are a couple of features you need to look for so that you are happy to hold the bag in your hand when it arrives.

Check out the following:

  • Go for a durable material and finish, so that it can take on the rough and tough paths that you wish to travel.
  • The best backpacks for men are waterproof and fade proof, so that they look their best despite the rain and sun.
  • Decide the purpose and use before you buy backpacks online, so that you can be sure of the size, shape, colour and pattern of your backpack.
  • If you are a student looking for a backpack for everyday college, then a medium-sized backpack is sufficient and convenient for a commute on the bus or bike.
  • If you are looking for a backpack to accompany you on a trip or hike, then go for a capacity that is more or less closer to 10 kg. Anything smaller may not be sufficient to hold your belongings and anything more may look huge and bulky making you end up with a strained back and shoulders.
  • Shoulder straps, weight pads and padded hip belts are some of the features you must look out for in huge backpacks to help you lug around the backpacks for men conveniently.
  • Go for cool and funky backpacks or solid and sober ones depending on your liking and needs and step out of your home in convenience and style. Check out the huge collection at Arctic Fox and you are sure to find your best mate for every trip, hike and commute.
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Hello everyone!

We “Arctic Fox” a backpack brand but before you immediately write this off as a marketing effort, give us a chance. We promise not to use this blog simply for promotion and marketing. In this post we will explain who we are, what we stand for, and what this editorial is going to be about.

The name ‘Arctic fox’ was inspired by the animal of the same name. To hunt for food, arctic foxes travel long distances. Their prey can usually be found below the surface of the snow, so while hunting, the fox must rely on its senses of hearing and smell alone. To catch its prey, the fox dives nose-first into the snow. This can be quite painful, and many times the fox is unsuccessful. But it keeps on trying until it finally succeeds.

It is this spirit of relentless optimism that inspired us as a brand. We believe in the audacity of hope. In a world full of people obsessed with overnight sensations and instant success, we believe in creativity and perseverance. We knew that we didn’t want to be yet another player in the adventure/sports category. Instead, we want to celebrate those who embody the spirit of the Arctic fox – those who will relentlessly pursue their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

This editorial was created as an extension of this thought. Here, we will curate stories of amazing people and their journeys in pursuit of their impossible dreams. We hope these stories will inspire you as much as they inspired us.

In addition to this, there will be a few posts here and there about us, but they won’t stray from the theme of this editorial. Posts about us will still be about chasing a dream – our dream, of building a successful brand.

Dive In!