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Messenger Bags: Functional and Stylish

Steeped in history and full of functionality, messenger bags for men have come a long way to become the fashion staple that they are today. They have been handed down to us by the fleet of Pony Express riders and WWII servicemen, medics and dispatch riders and used even today by scores of postmen and couriers.

Messenger bags for men are nothing but a bag with a single shoulder strap that can be worn as a cross-body for equal weight distribution with the bag hanging either at the front or the back.
Usually with a rectangle shape and ample space for your stuff such as laptop, iPad, documents, files, books and more, they are the ideal way to lug around your essentials without losing out
on the style factor. Check out the collection of Arctic Fox bags to find a messenger bag that suits your need and looks chic as well. Keep in mind a few pointers such as those given below to make the right choice:

  • Choose from traditional messenger bags, messenger laptop bags and tote messenger bags that are the three dominant styles in the messenger bags for men category.
  • Be clear of your need and purpose before you decide on the bag, so that you can choose the size, design, colour and print accordingly.
  • Cotton canvas, nylon, leather and even silk happen to be some of the materials out of which messenger bags for men are made of. Choose the material as per the look you prefer and your budget.
  • Weather and water resistance are two important features you must pay attention to.
  • A pocket on the front with an oversized closure secured with Velcro or a clasp allows for a quick access to essentials or putting away something safely.
  • Look for cell phone and key holders, a laptop compartment and other features and accessories to suit your lifestyle.

Arctic Fox bags include a versatile range of messenger bags for men in colours and designs to complement your style.

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Backpacks For Every Season and Reason!

From normal backpacks for adults and mini school backpacks for little people to laptop backpacks for the gadget freak, we have them in cool colours and funky prints for attention or solid and sombre looks for the serious look. Backpacks leave your hands free to do what you desire. Since the weight gets distributed over the shoulders, a backpack is a safe and easy way to lug your stuff around. From a student to a biker, runner, hiker and traveller, everyone can benefit from getting themselves a backpack. A backpack is nothing but a cloth canvas or nylon bag that also goes by the names sack pack and knapsack. If you plan to buy backpacks online, there are a couple of features you need to look for so that you are happy to hold the bag in your hand when it arrives.

Check out the following:

  • Go for a durable material and finish, so that it can take on the rough and tough paths that you wish to travel.
  • The best backpacks for men are waterproof and fade proof, so that they look their best despite the rain and sun.
  • Decide the purpose and use before you buy backpacks online, so that you can be sure of the size, shape, colour and pattern of your backpack.
  • If you are a student looking for a backpack for everyday college, then a medium-sized backpack is sufficient and convenient for a commute on the bus or bike.
  • If you are looking for a backpack to accompany you on a trip or hike, then go for a capacity that is more or less closer to 10 kg. Anything smaller may not be sufficient to hold your belongings and anything more may look huge and bulky making you end up with a strained back and shoulders.
  • Shoulder straps, weight pads and padded hip belts are some of the features you must look out for in huge backpacks to help you lug around the backpacks for men conveniently.
  • Go for cool and funky backpacks or solid and sober ones depending on your liking and needs and step out of your home in convenience and style. Check out the huge collection at Arctic Fox and you are sure to find your best mate for every trip, hike and commute.

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