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Showing all 15 results

Pouches for School

Kids are fond of stationery, and we think that if they have stationery pouches they really like, that can help keep their passion for handwriting alive. At Arctic Fox, you can find a range of practical but covetable pouches for school. Our durable pouches, made from bonded polyester fabric having water repellent coating are just perfect for kids of all ages.

Buy stationery pouches online- Stay organized at school

Staying organized at school is now easy with the stationery pouches by Arctic Fox. Our pouches for school have been specifically designed based on the interest and usage of the school kids. A lot of kids struggle to keep all their stationery items in one pouch and manage with many different pouches to keep all their daily-use accessories. To solve this problem, you can buy the best accessorize bags from Arctic Fox and help them stay organized on the go.

Smart and durable pouches for school

Shop the best pouches for your kids by Arctic Fox and bring a smile on their face. Our pouches look very cute having colourful kids’ prints on them. They boast enough space to carry all school kids’ accessories such as pens, pencils, erasers, markers, geometry, etc. Even if your kids are tech dependent, they still need to tote around notebooks and some writing tools once they go back to school. That’s why stationery pouches are still a necessity. Zippered pouches for school ensure that your kids are systematized and not tossing their loose pens or pencils into their bag which can create a mess. So, our stylish pouches for school are indeed secure options for every kid.

Choosing school stationary from a crowded store can be a daunting experience considering the travel time and the irritation while strolling in the jam-packed market lanes. That’s why; at Arctic Fox, we have rolled out our trendy school supplies range to ensure that you stay comfortable in your home, while we get everything safely delivered at your doorsteps. Browse our entire range of school pouches to make your pick and give your kids a personalized stationery case to show off their new pens and pencils to their class mates.