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Professionally designed to keep your camera & accessories well organised and safe, so that you can chase your creative passion in comfort.

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Based out of Bangalore, we are a team of dreamers, product designers and crazy marketing folks passionate about creating an iconic global brand with well thought over products. With Creativity and Innovation, we believe products can be designed within available resources that could solve often ignored real life challenges. The brand is called Arctic Fox because it is inspired by the animal of the same name, which has to dive into the snow to catch its prey in extreme climate situations and it is often unsuccessful, but it keeps trying again and again till it succeeds. It is this spirit of relentless optimism that the brand truly stands for. 

Arctic Fox strongly encourages you to take the plunge and dive into your dreams, and chase them with relentless optimism and perseverance. Let our product be your companion and may you find the strength to conquer your barriers and the determination to take that first step.

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Arctic Fox has appointed Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines as their very first brand ambassador....

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