Pouches for school
Kids are fond of stationery, and we think that if they have stationery pouches they really like, that can help keep their passion for handwriting alive. At Arctic Fox, you can find a range of practical but covetable pouches for school. Our durable pouches, made from bonded polyester fabric having water repellent coating are just perfect for kids of all ages.

Buy stationery pouches online- Stay organized at school

Staying organized at school is now easy with the stationery pouches by Arctic Fox. Our pouches for school have been specifically designed based on the interest and usage of the school kids. A lot of kids struggle to keep all their stationery items in one pouch and manage with many different pouches to keep all their daily-use accessories. To solve this problem, you can buy the best accessorize bags from Arctic Fox and help them stay organized on the go.

Smart and durable pouches for school

Shop the best pouches for your kids by Arctic Fox and bring a smile on their face. Our pouches look very cute having colourful kids’ prints on them. They boast enough space to carry all school kids’ accessories such as pens, pencils, erasers, markers, geometry, etc. Even if your kids are tech dependent, they still need to tote around notebooks and some writing tools once they go back to school. That’s why stationery pouches are still a necessity. Zippered pouches for school ensure that your kids are systematized and not tossing their loose pens or pencils into their bag which can create a mess. So, our stylish pouches for school are indeed secure options for every kid.

Choosing school stationary from a crowded store can be a daunting experience considering the travel time and the irritation while strolling in the jam-packed market lanes. That’s why; at Arctic Fox, we have rolled out our trendy school supplies range to ensure that you stay comfortable in your home, while we get everything safely delivered at your doorsteps. Browse our entire range of school pouches to make your pick and give your kids a personalized stationery case to show off their new pens and pencils to their class mates.

Stylish messenger bags for men
At some point in your life, you may no longer walk the streets with a backpack, looking like an overgrown teenager. At the same time, you won’t either like to carry around an old fashioned briefcase which will make you look like a desperate travelling salesman. So, what will be the best solution? Go for the stylish messenger bags from Arctic Fox. Our messenger bags for men can provide you the best of both the backpack and the briefcase without making you look awkward. They are typically worn over a shoulder or across the body, resting on the hip and consisting of a top flap closure that secures and protects the bag’s contents.

Whether you prefer something classic or edgy, the collection of messenger bags for men at Arctic Fox have you covered. Browse through our list of best messenger bags to find the suitable one that matches your style.

Add a touch of style with messenger bags
You have endless possibilities to enhance your style quotient with a messenger bag. Here are some incredible tips for you:

  • Though messenger bags may be seen as a casual version of briefcases, some variants of messenger bags work well in the office space too. Sober colours and designs rule the roost here.
  • If you are in a college, you might have a few books but you would like to carry them in style. Messenger bags from Arctic Fox will be your best option in this scenario too.
  • High quality SBS branded zipper
  • Messenger bags for men are very easy and comfortable to carry. Those who use public transportations or walk to and from distant places can prefer using messenger bags. They are designed to ensure complete convenience and due to their design, it is easy to reach in and grab any important documents, mobile devices, eatables and accessories within a second.
  • Due to their functionality and comfort, messenger bags for men are even crossing over in to use as fashionable diaper bags for trendy dads.

Depending on the type and quantity of items you plan to carry along, there are a range of messenger bags and best backpacks for men available at Arctic Fox which can fit variety of your storage needs.
So, tweak your fashion levels by purchasing an eye-catching messenger bag from Arctic Fox. With a stylish and top quality messenger bag around your shoulder, you will certainly be a source of fashion inspiration wherever you go.

Lunch Bags Online- Carry your Lunch in Style
Home cooked food is not only pleasing when it comes to taste but also very healthy when related to the junk food available outside. Nothing can beat the feeling of having the delicious food cooked by your loving mother or wife during the lunch hours at office. And when it is packed up in a stylish way, it is simply enticing! From super-organized to sophisticated, the trendy lunch bags from Arctic Fox can indeed put the brown sacks to shame. You can buy these high quality lunch bags online with just a click of a button.

Buy best quality lunch bags online

Arctic Fox brings a huge range of lunch bags online for the foodie in you. Available in a wide variety of attractive colours, shapes, designs and sizes, our lunch bags are a perfect blend of functionality and style. Made from bonded polyester fabric with a water repellent coating, these lunch bags are extremely durable and leak proof. You can carry your semi-liquid and liquid food items conveniently without the fear of spilling. There is a high quality lining fabric which enables you to wash it with ease. The lunch bags have inside loops on one side for cutlery and boast a top quality SBS branded zipper. There are two strong loop handles to carry the lunch bags conveniently. They even fold flat for an easy storage in your laptop bag or under your desk.

The lunch bags and kids school bags by Arctic Fox are not only adorable but they are remarkably light weight. Plus, the perky colours will ensure that you will easily spot them even at the back of your office fridge.

Packing your home-made lunch isn’t exactly a party, but when your favourite meal is tucked away in a super stylish lunch bag by Arctic Fox, it instantly feels more fun. Our exclusive collection of lunch bags online will certainly make you the envy of your office pantry. With unique designs and high quality construction, these lunch bags look as fantastic as the taste of the items packed inside them.

Buy lunch bags online according to your need and carry your favourite home-made food wherever you go!

Laptop Bags
Most of the men commute with their laptops on daily basis. While the old-fashioned brief case may work for some men, it’s certainly not the end of it. Style reflects your personality and in the present digital age, no matter what’s your budget, you have an endless range of tech-toting options. Whether you are carrying your laptop from home to your work place or catching up on important assignment during your commute to the college, it is essential to store your laptop in a proper carrier. While you may keep your laptop in your everyday backpack, investing in a laptop specific bag will make a lot more sense in the long run. To guarantee you find the best laptop bags for men, we have compiled a list of our top quality bags for storing one of your most priced material possessions. These tech-savvy laptop bags for men available on Arctic Fox are just perfect when it comes to organizing and protecting your stuff.

Features of laptop bags

  • Masculine, fashionable and helps you stay organized in an effortless way
  • Made from bonded polyester fabric with water repellant coating
  • Have spacious compartments where your device can fit in perfectly
  • Smart inside organizer where the built-in straps keep the laptop in place
  • Smooth lycra padding to keep the laptop safe and your back comfortable
  • High quality SBS branded zipper
  • Front quick access pockets to keep the everyday accessories
  • Dual side drink pouch
  • 1 year warranty

Buy stylish laptop bags for men

If you desire a more professional look and want to upgrade your traditional briefcase, then our stylish laptop backpacks can be ideal for you. Our laptop bags for men are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colours. You can choose the appropriate one according to your need and preference.

Laptop bag by Arctic Fox will be an invaluable investment that once you own, you will surely wonder how you ever lived without one. It’s not just a bag; it’s about ensuring a perfect travel experience.

So, all you smart jet-setting business travellers looking for laptop bags or messenger bags for men, Arctic Fox is your one-stop destination. Log in right away and shop for the best quality laptop bags!

Kids School Bags
When your kids are heading to school with a school bag from Arctic Fox, you will be sure that they have everything that they require for the day. Our best quality kids’ school bags will help your little ones start the new term in style. Our kids’ bags come in a variety of designs and colours, so they won’t struggle to choose the one they like. All our kids’ school bags are made from bonded polyester fabric with a water repellent coating and have plenty of room for books, stationary, lunch and water bottle.

Choose the best school bags online
Comfort: It is the most important feature while thinking of buying kids’ bags. Apart from having major compartments for storage, a mesh body holder, some small pockets, a bag is also supposed to have soft padded straps that make the kids feel light on the shoulder. Try choosing lightweight school bags for girls when you opt for school bags online shopping.

Style: There are many different styles of school bags for boys and girls. Children are generally known for the things they own in schools. If you buy stylish school bags online then it will certainly make them the center of attraction.

Size: While school bags online shopping, you must consider the size of the bag. School bags for boys need to be spacious enough to carry all their books, lunch box, water bottle, stationery supplies and jacket at the very least.

Water resistance: It’s always a good idea to consider water-resistant bags and pouches for school. You don’t want the notebooks and lunch to get soggy. So, better be safe than sorry and buy water proof school bags online from Arctic Fox!

Durability: All our school bags are long-lasting and come with 1 year warranty. Our top-quality backpacks are manufactured from best quality polyester fabric and have SBS branded zipper. Arctic Fox backpacks are so durable that you won’t need to buy a new school bag for many years to come.

There are a range of styles and designs available at Arctic Fox so it’s easy to find one that will cater to your kids’ every need. Plus, they look stylish and eye catching, which is always an advantage for the style-conscious tots.

Buy backpacks online for your kids from Arctic Fox and we’re pretty sure that they are going to love them as much as we do!

Gym Bags
If you are on a look out for gym bags online, then we hope that we will certainly tempt you with our stylish range of gym bags. Just because you are going for work out in a gym, you don’t have to compromise on looking smart and trendy on your way there. Our stylish gym bags for men will not only store everything you need but they will look pretty cool when you’ll carry them to the gym.

The gym bags by Arctic Fox are made of highly durable bonded polyester fabric having a water repellant coating. These men’s duffle bags have large space and boast a high quality SBS branded zip enclosure at the top. Our gym bags for women look stylish and come in a range of colours and designs.

Buy a suitable gym bag online

When selecting a gym bag from Arctic Fox, you can consider several things like style, size, colour and weight. Style is obviously a personal preference. Do you need a duffle bag to go straight to the gym or you want to carry it to the weekend trips? You may select the size of the gym bags for women as per your requirement.

The gym bags for men can not only be used for carrying the gym essentials but they can also be used as holiday bags. If you have to carry your duffle bag for some outdoor meeting, then depending upon your work environment, you may want to opt for something that doesn’t look too colourful or sporty.

The weight of the gym bag is also a vital factor and what you carry in it will also play an important part. Also, think about where you are going to keep your gym bag. If it’s in a locker then go for some space saving options. You can choose gym bags having compartments so that you can keep the items like keys, mobile phones, towels and of course your sweaty post-training clothes separately.

The collection of gym bags at Arctic Fox is versatile. They are sturdy without being cumbersome and add a touch of style to your personality. So, without thinking any further, buy the best gym bags online from Arctic Fox with just a click of a button!

Duffel bags
Whether it is an adventurous trekking expedition or a long weekend getaway with friends, men’s duffle bags from Arctic Fox are sure to take away all your travel woes and ease you throughout your journey with your entire luggage. With duffle bags, you can pack all your belongings spontaneously. Simply stuff your things in the bag, sling it over the shoulder and get going!

With evolution of different kinds of luggage, Arctic Fox has continued to innovate the designs for men’s duffle bags, keeping in mind the needs of the modern, on-the-go customers. The new age duffle bags from Arctic Fox give you the comfort of packing your luggage as you wish, along with providing you a sophisticated look. Our duffle bags are diverse and available in different sizes according to your requirement. You can browse through our stylish range of gym bags online and buy the preferred one with just a click of a button. Our bags have been thoughtfully constructed for everyday use, with many useful features.

Features of Duffel bags

  • Spacious single compartment to pack all your travel gears
  • Bonded polyester fabric having water repellant coating
  • High quality SBS branded zipper
  • Strong twin grab handle that allows you to easily carry your belongings

Advantages of Duffle bags

  • 1. More space: A duffel bag offers a good space and is ideal for all sorts of travel.
  • 2. Less Prone to Back Problems: Duffel bags have bigger spaces but exert less weight on your back. They can be carried on either shoulders or across your body with their adjustable straps so the entire upper half body support the weight without putting strain on any particular part.
  • 3. Less complicated: It keeps you organized in your journey and you can easily grab your belongings without wasting much time.
  • 4. More stylish: Our men’s duffel bags are remarkably sophisticated having a classic, yet simple style which will definitely set you apart from the rest of the pack.
Wide selection of trendy Accessorize bags
Arctic Fox brings you the most exciting and diverse range of accessorize bags in the country. We offer you the latest in seasonal colours as well as designer trends. From fancy colourful stationery pouches, to artistically designed water proof lunch bags and laptop sleeves, our products are recognized for their mesmerizing patterns and handcrafting techniques. Shop online right away and get these high quality accessorize bags from Arctic Fox.

Your online shopping experience is indeed set to be an absolute breeze. Our easy browsing, selection as well as payment procedure makes sure that you can shop effortlessly from the comfort zone of your home. You can check out all the details of your favorite accessorize bags on Arctic Fox and buy them instantly in a few clicks.

Our products

  • Stationery pouches: Our unique and incredibly cute stationery pouches are perfect for storing pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and other stationery. They have light weight and have ample spaces. Made from top quality bonded fabric and having SBS branded zippers, the pouches are not only durable but water repellant as well. These colourful stationery pouches from Arctic Fox can be a great gift for the kids on any occasion.
  • Lunch bag: You can pack your delicious meals in our designer lunch bags that are sure to make you the envy of your office. Made from a polyester bonded fabric, the single compartment lunch bags boast many unique features like water repellent coating, SBS branded zipper, elastic loops on one side for keeping cutleries and much more.
  • Laptop sleeve: Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives, making it quintessential to have a smart laptop sleeve in the closet. Stay stylish and choose the best laptop sleeve that matches your taste and complements your outfits. Our single compartment laptop sleeves are manufactured from bonded polyester fabric and have water repellent coating. They also have a front layer for quick access.

So, whether you want a sleek laptop sleeve to keep your laptop handy on the go, a durable yet peppy stationery pouch for your kid or wish to buy water proof lunch bags online, Arctic Fox is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

Backpacks: Carry your possessions with style and convenience
Need a break from the daily multitasking? Head straight for a hike or a trekking adventure with our amazing collection of Arctic Fox backpacks. Whether you are going for mountain climbing
with friends or popping to the park for a run, you will find a smart backpack style to suit your need at Arctic Fox. We also have elegant college backpacks for girls and very light weight
school backpacks for kids. However, it is vital to pick the right option, especially when it is going to be on your back with all your possessions for the next few days or weeks on a trekking
Choose your ideal backpack
Picking the right backpack is an important part of any trip. Too big and you’ll have too much extra weight to carry around. Too small and you’ll never fit all your stuff in the thing!. Pick the wrong material and your stuff will be soaked in the rain. You won’t find a better and more efficient way of carrying your load than in a stylish high quality backpack from Arctic Fox. While shopping for your ideal backpack, you can consider some important points like:

  • Backpack frame: The external frame can be made to carry a lot of stuff while the internal frame is fitting, comfortable and feels like as if it is the extension of your own body. For any adventures and long excursions, you can opt for the internal frames.
  • Size: Like a few other things in life, size certainly matters when it comes to choosing best backpacks for men. Once you figure out your specific needs, you will certainly be able to
    figure out the best backpacks in India. Small backpacks are perfect for work places or short day trips while zipped medium sized backpacks can give you additional storage space and are must for a convenient travel. For a hiking or trekking adventures, you should choose a backpack big enough to carry ample clothes, food, water, sleeping gear and tent.
  • Features: On our site, you can find the best backpacks for men having a range of features such as side water bottle pockets, waterproof fabric, accessible camera pockets with zippers, adjustable sternum straps and a lot more.

At Arctic Fox, we have a diverse gamut of backpacks and laptop bags for men to choose