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Based out of Bangalore, we are a team of dreamers, product designers and crazy marketing folks passionate about creating an iconic global brand with well thought over products.

With Creativity and Innovation, we believe products can be designed within available resources that could solve often ignored real life challenges.

The brand is called Arctic Fox because it is inspired by the animal of the same name, which has to dive into the snow to catch its prey in extreme climate situations and it is often unsuccessful, but it keeps trying again and again till it succeeds.

It is this spirit of relentless optimism that the brand truly stands for.

Arctic Fox strongly encourages you to take the plunge and dive into your dreams, and chase them with relentless optimism and perseverance.

Let our product be your companion and may you find the strength to conquer your barriers and the determination to take that first step.

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Artic Fox Messenger, Backpacks, Duffle and School Bags

Can you imagine going anywhere without a bag? When you’re off to college, you carry your stuff in a backpack. As a professional, you’re toting your laptop and other essentials in a laptop bag. Hitting the gym? You carry a gym bag. Duffle and travel bags are your constant travel companions. These quintessential companions travel with you wherever you go.

At Artic Fox, when we designed backpacks and laptop bags for men, we decided that they shouldn’t be the same boring bags that you usually carry. We wanted to create stunning and spacious bags that you’ll love to carry with you no matter where you go.

Artic Fox – Unique Brand

We have the world's first colour changing backpack! Wouldn’t it be cool? When you start, you’re carrying a bag in one colour and then when you’re in class or out with your friends, your backpack is in a totally different colour. Show off your unique side with our stunning backpacks for men.

Reasons to Choose Artic Fox bags

We will tell you the innovative and functional features of our bags, and then you can decide why Artic Fox is the best brand that you should go for.

Spacious Interiors

When you’re getting kid’s school bags or messenger bags for men, your first priority is the interior space. Artic Fox bags are designed with multiple compartments that allow you to organize and keep all your things in separate compartments. The backpacks also have top and side pockets for easy access. We also a secret compartment. Get our bag to find out where it is.

Sturdy Construction

While making the bags, we use the highest quality bonded fabric and premium SBS branded zippers that hold good even when used multiple times through a day. We know that the kid’s school bags probably get to face a lot of physical abuse, from being thrown down and dragged around on the ground to being pulled apart in a fight. Artic Fox bags are designed to hold up to rough use.

Water Protection

Men’s duffle bags, backpacks and messenger bags from Artic Fox are made from water-repellent fabric. Plus, we have a separate rain cover to protect the bag and the contents from rain water.

Whether you are looking for spacious gym bags or messenger bags for men or sturdy men’s duffle bags for travel, you can find the best bags at Artic Fox. Browse our website to buy stylish, yet super functional bags for regular use.